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"When my roommate moved out there was a very bad energy in the room along with a distinct smell which wouldn’t go away no matter how long I had the windows open, burned incense and essential oils. I also noticed the temperature was unusually cold, even though the rest of the house was warm. I felt very uncomfortable to even be in there.  Later on I found out there was an entity in the room. Gabriela was like an angel sent from heaven! First we had a discovery call, she was attentive, compassionate and listened carefully. After our call I already started feeling shifts and the energy of the house “lifting”. During our actual session, I was amazed with her knowledge, and how she pinpointed the issues. We went down a list of things in her protocol which helped resolve not only the current issue, but other issues from the past that were blocking me. That day I felt much better, and within 1-2 days, the energy of the room had totally shifted, it felt calm and comfortable and I felt much more peaceful and relaxed. The smell had disappeared and the temperature was much warmer, just like the rest of my house. Since then, I have turned the room in my home office and study, and writing my testimonial from this space feels incredible! I never thought I would be able to be in this room more than 3 minutes, I was actually intending to rent it out. However it feels so wonderful now and I have only great things to say about this amazing lady! I highly recommend Gabriela and look forward to more sessions with her! P.s. I had to take a few minutes off from writing this testimonial because I just got booked for today!"~Jessikah-Isabelle, Singer/Songwriter, TV Host, Actress SAG-AFTRA, LA, California

"I invited Professional Dowser & Healer Gabriela Amato to our new home to help us gain deeper insight into the residing home energies and create a supportive environment for good health and manifestation of our wealth. With her positive approach and the strict routine she followed, energy levels of our home increased from -20 to +30 within a couple of minutes, negative energies subsided, and we’ve been making serious alteration to our nest ever since. What I were not aware of is that changes in geological faults in Earth can affect existing geopathic zones within the house and consequently, could cause imbalance in our vital energy force. Gabriela successfully managed to create a balance both in our home and our lives. Her dedication to art of dowsing has opened my eyes wide! I would honestly recommend Gabriela and her work to anyone who is interested in increasing the energy levels of their home and you will be in for a pleasant surprise." ~Agata Tothova, Facilitator of Women's Empowerment

“I was naturally very curious about Gabriela’s service and Diamond Dowsing and wanted to know more. I had a consultation where she explained in more detail her technique and the positive impact it can have on various aspects of your life.  It made sense how we are energetically connected to our environment. I had one full session, which was enough to get things into motion, and it was fascinating to see how I was living with certain energy blocks in my own home.  Gabriela’s very detailed explanation throughout the process was very insightful. I have been monitoring certain aspects of my life since and it has certainly helped me to push through on my journey to growth. I have become more resilient and focussed as a result and have attracted really nice experiences in relationships whilst other problematic areas in business have turned around very nicely. I highly recommend Gabriela’s service – it is the complete package not seen anywhere else.” ~Juliet Francis, JF Consulting, Marketing & PR service

"Wow!!! What a weekend ... and the amazements go on!!! On Friday I had the pleasure of having my wonderful friend and talented Space Clearer and Feng Shui expert Gabriela Amato attend to my home and office. Since then I have been working to adjust some aspects that needed changing. But just on the Friday eve and night, my home felt emptier (we escorted many spirits home), less buzzy (she found and blocked of geopathic and electromagnetic stress lines) and just generally calmer. My husband on Saturday found the energy and zeal to totally declutter and clear out our loft. We are slowly making the other changes but addressing the major no, no’s has been amazing already. So if you are in the UK and would like some help with energy clearing your home or finding the best placements of items to maximise health, wealth and relationships, you can contact Gabriela Amato."

~Shirley Joffe, Quantum Creation Expert  

"I did some space clearing and harmonised energies with Gabriela at home. I have to say I was very surprised because not that I believed in these things initially but I felt energy changing in my house, especially in the kitchen. I wasn’t very inspired. I used to cook a lot but somehow I lost inspiration, I don’t really know why. Since Gabriela came and harmonised energies in the house I found that I’m more inspired to cook and I have more motivation to cook. There is also more peace and harmony at home. My bedroom was never the place where I love to spent time in, but now it is a different thing. Since she removed all detrimental energies, I feel the difference and love spending more time in my bedroom. I just want to say, you have to get to know Gabriela, you have to get to find out what she offers and what she does, because it is so intriguing and interesting and worth spending time on understanding."

~Tania Cuturi, Courage and Confidence Coach 

"When I met Gabriela I was immediately impressed by her depth of knowledge about energies in buildings and homes. She is so passionate about her work and it is reflected in her knowledge. Gabriela told me things regarding the energies in my home that I had long suspected so I jumped at the chance for her to come and clear my home. Since clearing my house I have seen some massive shifts. My husband found employment which he had been struggling with and my energy was unblocked on a personal level allowing me my own space in my own home that I had not previously felt. I would highly recommend having Gabriela in to check your house or business. Fixing the energies just makes life so much less of an uphill battle."~Sonia Sagoo, Biofield Tuning Therapist 

​“I have met Gabriela at a networking event. I have been searching to cleanse my home and do fengshui for over a year, never met the right person until I spoke to Gabriela. Within a few minutes I knew she was perfect for the task. On the day, I have experienced a sacred and profound cleanse of my home, myself and cannot describe in words how beautiful the whole process has been. Gabriela has magical uplifting vibes, the home now resonates at much  higher frequencies, my sleep is better, there is harmony in the home and my business has received more clients (less than a week after the clearing) and I feel fabulous. I strongly recommend to give your home a spiritual cleanse with Gabriela." ~Alex Vitillo, Coach at Breathing Heart Consultancy 

“I have always been interested in space clearing and balancing energy so was very excited to have Gabs come to my home. At first I wasn’t sure if there were any changes I felt but once I started reflecting back as the weeks went on I definitely noticed  change in the energy of the space. After Gabs left I completely transformed my bedroom. I had Always felt the layout of the room was just wrong so after a year of doing nothing I finally did it. It's now such a peaceful space and the energy of the room feels amazing. I would highly recommend Gabs. She's a fabulous gifted lady and at times like this we need our home to be a safe balanced space.”

~Michelle Walsh, Fitness and Nutrition Coaching at Newbodyandsoul 

"We just moved into a new house and my son wasn't copping well with the changes. He couldn't sleep well. I, myself have had troubles settling in. My first attempt at dowsing with Gabriela, after many years, was en excellent idea. The effects was easy to observe instantly. We finally felt at home. As a child I watched my dad dowsing over our veg garden to choose where he was going to seed which veg. Dowsing has been practiced for 1000s of years successfully. I am pleased to see it back and available thanks to practitioners like Gabriela who dedicate their life to study & practice for the benefit of others."

~Alessandra Bester, Nono Cocoa, Functional Food Co.  

"When we used to live at our old place, I used to have issues with sleeping. Also, I experienced very distracting things in the bathroom, kind of hallucinations. Gabriela offered me her dowsing service. I was amazed how her dowsing rod confirmed everything what I knew energetically about the flat from my point of view as a kinaesthetic, an empath with ability to feel and sense energies. Moreover, she gave me the explanation what was happening in the bathroom. Gabriela did her magic and I stopped experiencing weird stuff in the bathroom very soon after. Also, the energy  of the flat changed and later even my sleep got better."

~Renata Dosanjh, Pregnancy & Birth Facilitator at Conscious Conception

"I heard about Gabriela from a friend and I decided to use her dowsing services as the flat, where I lived felt good in general but to be in the bathroom was very unpleasant and I didn’t even want to stay there. It felt weird as if someone was watching you. I am very thankful to Gabriela as after clearing the energy in the flat and bathroom in particular all this unpleasant feelings have disappeared and I started to feel good and relaxed at home. I can recommend Gabriela’s services to everyone who want to feel better in their own home or if you want to sell the house but couldn’t sell it for some time. It works!" ~Guranda Anchabadze, Spiritual Technology Coach

"I asked Gabriela Amato to improve the energy in a venue for one of the networking meetings that I run as the group never seems to grow above a certain number of members. Gabriela got straight to it researching the venue and was able to work remotely on it. We had our meeting on Tuesday and I'm pleased to say that the room felt lighter and many of the members commented that the room had an improved energy. I now have peace of mind that the venue will no longer influence the development and growth of the group and look forward to growing it to capacity. Thank you." ~Sophie Fleming, Regional Director at The Athena Network

"I had issues with an investment property and I felt unclear and stuck as I had issues with my builder and was unable to move forward. I asked Gabriela to clear the energy of the property remotely. After Gabriela worked on the property, I felt I was able to move forward and as if the fog was lifted. I would definitely recommend anyone to take the spiritual route and use Gabriela's services." ~Pelin Martin, Consultant at Blue Crystal Property Management  

"Space clearing works! Gabriela did remote space clearing at the end of December and I sold both of my houses last week of January. After she clear my house the dynamic of people coming completely changed, it’s exactly what I wanted. When they came to see the house, they asked me about the furniture so I sold my furniture as well for the price I bougth it. Energy completely changed. Cat is completely different. It’s calmer, doesn’t jump out of his skin, it’s more content. A M A Z I N G! F A B U L O U S! When I get property in Spain we need to scan it before I buy it." ~ Katy Emblin, Shamanic Practitioner, Holistic Therapist at Infinity Holistic Therapy

"I have recently had a shamanic healing from Gabriela and was surprised about my journey during the healing. My mind had all the answers and Gabriela helped me navigate to the answers so easily. Since the healing things shifted for me in a profound way. I had a major shift in my ability to express myself and choose what was best for me in a very difficult personal relationship. It’s like I was fearless. I look forward to another healing from Gabriela." ~Sonia Sagoo, Biofield Tuning Therapist 

"I met Gabriella a couple of years ago through a friend who highly recommended her. Although I was open to trying a session with Gabriella, I was slightly dubious. Today, almost 3 years later I am hooked. She is a lifesaver. Every session is magical. In some sessions, there are instantaneous results and in every session you immediately feel the work being done, your energy being restored and rebalanced, things that don’t serve you falling away, better things coming in. Gabriella is a genuine healer and we are so lucky to have her. She is honest, kind, calm, and holds space for you exactly where you are. She tells it as it is and remains without judgement in the most loving way. She’s magic in human form and I couldn’t imagine not having her on this journey of life as she helps me at my most crucial points. I’m so grateful for her healing sessions and will continue to sing her praises from every mountaintop as she is simply incredible. I also love the range of healing she has available and cannot wait to do my next session with her. Thank you Gabriella for always healing and guiding me!!!" ~ Leanora Harper, Holistic Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Author, Speaker 

"Gabriela is that rare combination of the highly esoteric and the deeply practical. Profoundly ethical, she is a healer of great sensitivity. She has a thorough understanding of how to work with multiple techniques to help harness and stimulate a person's own clearing, healing and balancing of forces.  Her care is evident, and she is a true healer by nature. Her many years of experience in various healing modalities are complemented by her ongoing curiosity and growth. I am deeply grateful for her help and have already seen transformations after just two visits. Anyone would be lucky to have her skilled healing and guidance. I believe that Gabriela has facilitated changes, improvements and a shifting of my own understanding for me more rapidly and thoroughly than I could have managed to do on my own." ~ Anne W., Actress 

"I feel compelled to write about my amazing session with Gabriella on Thursday - Firstly she contacted me earlier in the week with the feeling that not was ok with me and she was right. I was in a very very dark place feeling suicidal and completely lost in darkness. She began the session with drumming and explained to me that she was going to do the new module 7 that she had just learned. I was desperate for help that I agreed to have it, and it was the most powerful healing I have yet to experience, considering how bad I felt, I didn’t think I was saveable,...but the session was AMAZING. I felt so lost and so dark and she took me through the steps and talked me through it every step of the way. It took longer than expected but she didn’t give up on me, her patience was incredible. I found my self in a very dark place, floating with no sign of light of direction, but she stuck with me and guided me to the spirit animal the dragon and new spirit guide a dove were with me all the time. My komodo dragon lead me to a pool to drink, telling me to drink as much as I could …, the feeling was incredible I suddenly found myself streaming in cool crystal clear water and then my surroundings became full of light. With guidance, we started to move to a different time line 1,2,3 and I found myself in a forest, filled with sun, plants and lots of beautiful exotic animals, then the white dove appeared on my shoulder and lead me forward. I saw mother and my ex partners - they were silent. I asked the dragon what to could I help myself and where should I go...The message was crystal clear....Go Back to your practice, stay close to your soul family, that is where your happiness lay....I will continue my healing sessions with Gabriella. I am so grateful for all your support." ~Jonson D’Angelo, Writer, Director, Producer, Model 

"Being a Holistic Therapist for nearly 20 years, has taken me down many roads and introduced me to many Modalities. I found the Q-RIT both very interesting and empowering as I was listening to the words. The result of the treatment is that it made me become more focused and driven to get on. In my case it has cleared my mind, calling in what I want,  letting go of past stories, making room for new adventures. I am grateful for Gabriela attention to detail and ability to deliver exactly what I needed. Thank you Angel"

 ~ Katy Emblin, Shamanic Practitioner, Holistic Therapist at Infinity Holistic Therapy

"I had an amazing experience with Gabriela’s Shamanic treatments. It was completely new to me so I was not sure what to expect and I absolutely loved it! It was really unique and deep for me, providing lots of clarity, joy and soothing (much needed in time of grief). Since then so many things have changed in my perception of myself and what I would like to do in life. It gave me a feeling of total freedom that I continue on exploring. Gabriela really held the space so I felt safe and also gave space for me to “travel” at my own pace, assisting and guiding me gently throughout the session. She is very intuitive and concrete at the same time -  such a special gift. I could not get enough of it:) Honestly, I recommend Gabriela and her sessions to anyone. (that would like to discover themselves and what else is possible in life.)" ~Joanna Rzepczynska, Access Consciousness Facilitator

"Gabriela is a sensitive and compassionate healer, passionately committed to her work. In our session, she took a careful and thorough history to discover what it was that I wanted to look at and to heal at that time. She intuitively and sensitively tuned-in during our healing session, using her wide-ranging shamanic skills, to bring about deep release and begin the process of transformation that I sought. Gabriela is committed to working to the highest standard of care. She carries out her work with great integrity and professionalism and is a kind and caring practitioner." ~Gaye Herford, Shamanic Healer 

"I too recently did a Q-RIT session with Gabriella and happily recommend her. She guides the process easily. It is a deep process and brings up whatever is needed to be transformed now for your personal growth on your personal path. I had no specific ‘thing’ or problem that I wished to ‘work’ on. I came for the exploration. Talking it through we easily set an intention nonetheless and Gabriela guided me through a process where I was able to locate a piece of resistance I was carrying around. I was able to transform it. In the day’s after the shift I felt more and more easy, lighter and more clear. I had a beautiful visions of my true desires and those now help me to calibrate to them more easily. This was a great experience and Gabriella does a great job at guiding one through it with ease and integrity." ~ Malka Schliesser, Teacher of Energy Reading at Resonance Training & Coaching Intuitive Ontwikkeling 

"I’ve had various healings from Gabriella, from house clearing to personal healing. They have all been amazing. Recently I had a shamanic healing from Gabriela and was surprised about my journey during the healing. My mind had all the answers and Gabriela helped me navigate to the answers so easily. Since the healing, things shifted for me in a profound way. I had a major shift in my ability to express myself and choose what was best for me in a very difficult personal relationship. It’s like I was fearless. I look forward to another healing from Gabriela." ~Sonia Sagoo, Biofield Tuning Therapist 

"I have had a few different treatments with Gabriela including shamanic healing and Q-RIT. Gabriela holds you in a safe and sacred space which is both nurturing, relaxing and healing. She is very knowledgeable, caring and professional. I would highly recommend treatments with Gabriela no matter where you’re at in your healing or self care journey and I look forward to have another treatment with her in future. Thank you so much Gabriela." ~ Bernadette O’Shea, Holistic Therapist 

"I recently had a Q-RIT session with Gabriela. She skilfully guided me through the process, which I felt was simple and got to the heart of the matter very quickly. I felt lighter afterwards and felt like a shift and letting go had taken place. The following day I felt more emotionally open than usual and that some process was still continuing. I experienced better sleep with vivid dreams. I would recommend this as a process for shifting old behavioural patterns." ~Joanna Casey, Shamanic Healer 

"My Q-RIT session with Gabriela was very deep and illuminating, yet fun and light at the same time. I have reached a part of me that was suffering and have been able to help it and heal it. It brought clarity for me in many ways which left me feeling motivated and uplifted, ready to get on with things in the empowered manner, not because something has to be done….. I recommend Gabriela wholeheartedly! She will hold your space and guide you in your journey." ~ Joanna Rzepczynska, Reiki Master, Theta Healer 

"I have had a dowsing session with Gabriela. Gabriela went through so much in details and explained each part so I understand what was going on. It was fascinating and I felt very calm, relaxed. A part of session was clearing stuff and was about adjusting and balancing the chakras, removing psychic chords and energy blocks, healing and much more. I highly recommend this session to anyone whether you believe in it or not. I look forward to more sessions with Gabriela. Gabriela is very knowledgeable and experienced." ~ Kajal Kumar, Mindset Coach at Clear Sky Therapy 

"After Gabriela harmonised and aligned energy in my office in Tower Bridge the vibration changed and I experienced a massive shift and transformation in my work and personal life." ~June Schneider, Pets Portrait Artist at Schneider Art 

“Lovely lady that’s wonderful at what she does. I would recommend her services as it has helped my family home be balanced and better space for us to live in.” ~Eva Perucha, Holistic Beauty Therapist at The Empress of Beauty 

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