"I invited Professional Dowser & Healer Gabriela Amato to our new home to help us gain deeper insight into the residing home energies and create a supportive environment for good health and manifestation of our wealth. With her positive approach and the strict routine she followed, energy levels of our home increased from -20 to +30 within a couple of minutes, negative energies subsided, and we’ve been making serious alteration to our nest ever since. What I were not aware of is that changes in geological faults in Earth can affect existing geopathic zones within the house and consequently, could cause imbalance in our vital energy force. Gabriela successfully managed to create a balance both in our home and our lives. Her dedication to art of dowsing has opened my eyes wide! I would honestly recommend Gabriela and her work to anyone who is interested in increasing the energy levels of their home and you will be in for a pleasant surprise." Agata Tothova 

“I was naturally very curious about Gabriela’s service and Diamond Dowsing and wanted to know more. I had a consultation where she explained in more detail her technique and the positive impact it can have on various aspects of your life.  It made sense how we are energetically connected to our environment. I had one full session, which was enough to get things into motion, and it was fascinating to see how I was living with certain energy blocks in my own home.  Gabriela’s very detailed explanation throughout the process was very insightful. I have been monitoring certain aspects of my life since and it has certainly helped me to push through on my journey to growth. I have become more resilient and focussed as a result and have attracted really nice experiences in relationships whilst other problematic areas in business have turned around very nicely. I highly recommend Gabriela’s service – it is the complete package not seen anywhere else.” Juliet Francis 

"We moved to our new flat six years ago - a two storey house, converted into two flats. Since meeting our upstairs neighbours I felt lots of negative energy coming from them, including abusive language and bullying. I found living in my own flat uneasy. Gabriela was recommended to me by a friend who thought her expertise in energy cleaning houses could help with my problem. Gabriela spent about four hours in the flat. She worked on Geopathic stress, house blessing and removing negative entities which were there. She also did dowsing for health which pointed out that I should start taking probiotics for my gut. When she left, following day I met the neighbours who started smiling at me and offering help with the garden. I noticed they started to have a more positive attitude towards me. I now feel happier and more settled in my house. I highly recommend Gabriela." Henrieta Ondičova 

"Wow!!! What a weekend ... and the amazements go on!!! On Friday I had the pleasure of having my wonderful friend and talented Space Clearer and Feng Shui expert Gabriela Amato attend to my home and office. Since then I have been working to adjust some aspects that needed changing. But just on the Friday eve and night, my home felt emptier (we escorted many spirits home), less buzzy (she found and blocked of geopathic and electromagnetic stress lines) and just generally calmer. My husband on Saturday found the energy and zeal to totally declutter and clear out our loft. We are slowly making the other changes but addressing the major no, no’s has been amazing already. So if you are in the UK and would like some help with energy clearing your home or finding the best placements of items to maximise health, wealth and relationships, you can contact Gabriela Amato." Shirley Joffe 

"When I met Gabriela I was immediately impressed by her depth of knowledge about energies in buildings and homes. She is so passionate about her work and it is reflected in her knowledge. Gabriela told me things regarding the energies in my home that I had long suspected so I jumped at the chance for her to come and clear my home. Since clearing my house I have seen some massive shifts. My husband found employment which he had been struggling with and my energy was unblocked on a personal level allowing me my own space in my own home that I had not previously felt. I would highly recommend having Gabriela in to check your house or business. Fixing the energies just makes life so much less of an uphill battle." Sonia Sagoo 

"I went recently through my house clearance with a help of Gabriela. After a couple of months of unexplained movements, voices, physical pains, exhausted feelings, dizziness and depressions which I was reporting as not mine (but sadly had all this emotions in me) I can finally feel comfortable in my house. Gabriela identified all blockages and advised me to remove some items from the house and she identified as well 2 entities and their presence. After beautiful ritual all this negativity left. I did in short time spontaneous cleaning and threw another items and even left my job as I felt that it is necessary to completely change the spiral of the energy. I am so grateful for this help as I would never think how really important is to have your space clear and blessed." Miroslava Kovacsova 

​“I have met Gabriela at a networking event. I have been searching to cleanse my home and do fengshui for over a year, never met the right person until I spoke to Gabriela. Within a few minutes I knew she was perfect for the task. On the day, I have experienced a sacred and profound cleanse of my home, myself and cannot describe in words how beautiful the whole process has been. Gabriela has magical uplifting vibes, the home now resonates at much  higher frequencies, my sleep is better, there is harmony in the home and my business has received more clients (less than a week after the clearing) and I feel fabulous. I strongly recommend to give your home a spiritual cleanse with Gabriela." Alex Vitillo

"We just moved into a new house and my son wasn't copping well with the changes. He couldn't sleep well. I, myself have had troubles settling in. My first attempt at dowsing with Gabriela, after many years, was en excellent idea. The effects was easy to observe instantly. We finally felt at home. As a child I watched my dad dowsing over our veg garden to choose where he was going to seed which veg. Dowsing has been practiced for 1000s of years successfully. I am pleased to see it back and available thanks to practitioners like Gabriela who dedicate their life to study & practice for the benefit of others."Alessandra Bester 

"When we used to live at our old place, I used to have issues with sleeping. Also, I experienced very distracting things in the bathroom, kind of hallucinations. Gabriela offered me her dowsing service. I was amazed how her dowsing rod confirmed everything what I knew energetically about the flat from my point of view as a kinaesthetic, an empath with ability to feel and sense energies. Moreover, she gave me the explanation what was happening in the bathroom. Gabriela did her magic and I stopped experiencing weird stuff in the bathroom very soon after. Also, the energy  of the flat changed and later even my sleep got better." Renata Dosanjh

"I heard about Gabriela from a friend and I decided to use her dowsing services as the flat, where I lived felt good in general but to be in the bathroom was very unpleasant and I didn’t even want to stay there. It felt weird as if someone was watching you. I am very thankful to Gabriela as after clearing the energy in the flat and bathroom in particular all this unpleasant feelings have disappeared and I started to feel good and relaxed at home. I can recommend Gabriela’s services to everyone who want to feel better in their own home or if you want to sell the house but couldn’t sell it for some time. It works!" Guranda Anchabadze


"I asked Gabriela Amato to improve the energy in a venue for one of the networking meetings that I run as the group never seems to grow above a certain number of members. Gabriela got straight to it researching the venue and was able to work remotely on it. We had our meeting on Tuesday and I'm pleased to say that the room felt lighter and many of the members commented that the room had an improved energy. I now have peace of mind that the venue will no longer influence the development and growth of the group and look forward to growing it to capacity. Thank you." Sophie Fleming

"I had issues with an investment property and I felt unclear and stuck as I had issues with my builder and was unable to move forward. I asked Gabriela to clear the energy of the property remotely. After Gabriela worked on the property, I felt I was able to move forward and as if the fog was lifted. I would definitely recommend anyone to take the spiritual route and use Gabriela's services." Pelin Martin 

"I really enjoyed dowsing. It was a very nice experience. I could see the energy of it inside of me and it felt very nice. I felt it as a very strong, very nice warm hot powerful energy, like a tornado and I felt a very strong release inside of me. It is amazing how the dowsing working on me. After unblocking my based chakra I am receiving a new job opportunities!" Kristina Kolarik  

"Thank you Gabriela for clearing the energy in my home. After a quiet period in my business things are finally picking up and my relationship seems more harmonious. If you haven't done this already it could improve so many things in your life by raising the energy in your home. I highly recommend doing this." Sophie Flaming 

"After Gabriela harmonised and aligned energy in my office in Tower Bridge the vibration changed and I experienced a massive shift and transformation in my work and personal life." June Schneider 

“Lovely lady that’s wonderful at what she does. I would recommend her services as it has helped my family home be balanced and better space for us to live in.” Eva Perucha 

"I represented Ayurveda n Keyajee in a conference and having good leads from there. I had good flow of clients and starting a new clinic in Potters bar which means definitely a positive flow has started." Seema Datta 

"Tonight was different, I slept better, I didn’t have any nightmares and I didn’t even felt sick between 2-4am, so yes it definitely made a difference and I’m very happy. I can’t get enough of sleep now as I slept so well! I’m so grateful!." Mirka Kovačova  

"I was having a few problems and my friend told me that Gabriela can help me. Gabriela came to my house and cleared all the negative energy.  After a few weeks I started to feel better and things got better. I will definitely recommend her." Mita Mallick 

"In general - I'd say I am feeling more clarity, determination to sort out the things, mainly moving, that I need to. Ps. I don't want to tempt fate but I've not had nightmares/panic attacks for a couple of weeks." Tanya Benardout 

"As a result of dowsing both my kids who were always working in the dining room started to spend a lot more time in their bedroom.

The rest of the house feels a lot more harmonious. My elder son said the house feels cleaner and lighter." Catherine G. Matcham 

"I finally slept normally. No more nightmares. I had two dreams but it was all very peaceful without getting up and unpleasant feelings. Furthermore, my stomachache stopped finally. I feel well." Hanka Majzlíkova 

"It feels better in here and I’m sleeping well. I can confirm I do feel the difference so there must be definitely the change in energy here." Alex Duvnjak 

"After Space Clearing my house, I feel peaceful & calm. Now I love to spent all day in my house." Batchu Suresparan 

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