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Do you have a feeling that there is something wrong with your home that affects your well-being? Perhaps not feeling refreshed in the mornings? Suffering from frequent headaches, body aches or allergies?

Why are more and more people experiencing problems like these, despite healthy organic diet and active lifestyle?

The Earth has natural magnetic fields and we thrive when in tune with these natural fields. However, these fields can become distorted by human activities. This is knows as 'Geopathic Stress'. 
Earth energy lines, water veins, energy spirals and stress lines all form a natural part of the problem. They are joined by technopathic stress and especially the emotional outpourings that permeate through our homes and workplace. Spending just 10 minutes in such distorted fields depletes the body of nutrients and our immune system gets compromised.

Bet there’s good news! These altered fields can be detected and restored to their natural state, allowing our body to heal itself very quickly. 


Let us help you balance energies in your home, so you can live a happy, harmonious and balanced life.

"Environment is the Key to Prosperity"



Gabriela Amato is a Professional Dowser and Feng Shui Practitioner with background in architecture and interior design. 


In her practice she combines different healing modalities she learned over the years to suit client's needs and bring the best result in their lives. 


She helps people to bring balance to their lives by resolving Earth, environmental, psychic and personal energy issues. 

Her aim is to inspire and empower people to find success in all aspects of life. 



Dowsing helps me detect and neutralise stressed energy and amplify positive energy in your environment so I can transform your life and the life of your family and friends – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Finding the stress lines and curing them with Dowsing helps to change people’s mind from Beta Brainwaves to Alpha Brainwaves. I am actually creating a space where every one is automatically going in to Alpha Brainwaves, living and working in Dowsed home. Your Space becomes an enlightened, creative, healing, lucky, peaceful, more wealthy, joyful and balanced home. 

Dowsing allows me to work with the Earth's physical energy systems that either emanate from its soil or exist as numerous grids or patterns around the planet. The Earth's natural vibrations support our immune and energy systems, our bodies, and our minds. When these natural vibrations are disturbed, their energy turns negative.


  • I use dowsing rods to detect energy disturbances, including geopathic stress and various energy lines, zones and positive and negative vortexes.

  • I cure energy disturbances and enhance positive energy fields.

  • I determine the level of energy in any room, home, or building (and even of foods and products), and increase that energy level.

  • I access a higher energy field to clear and protect your personal energy.

  • I remove ” Energy Forms”, which are residual energy of a person who has died, or emotional or mental energies created out of events and circumstances.

  • I create a vibrant environment by releasing stuck energy.


By removing Geopathic stress and other detrimental ener-gies you may experience any of the following:

  • An increased lightness in the atmosphere of your home 

  • Improved energy and vitality

  • Deeper and more restful sleep

  • A strengthen immune system

  • A greater ability to fight serious illness

  • Improved relationship and family harmony

  • An urge to declutter and realign your life

  • Greater work capacity, creativity and clarity of mind

  • A general feeling of peace and well being

  • New work and financial opportunities and improving of a cash-flow

  • Creating new business opportunities

  • Other positive life changes

Contact Gabriela  to discuss your consultation needs

or call (0044) 079 6687 2642

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